All inspections start out at $250 and increase depending on Size, Age and Location of property

Mold Testing - $90

Active Military, Veterans and Senior Citizen will receive a 10% discount


Whole House Inspection

I conduct over a 100-point comprehensive whole house or property inspection in the Central Ohio area.

ROOF INSPECTIONS Roofs are inspected visually and from an area that does not put either the inspector or the roof at risk. Steep, wet, snow or ice covered roofs are not walked on. Slate, tile or asbestos roofs are not walked on.
EXTERIOR The exterior is inspected visually at grade level. The inspector’s evaluation is based on generally accepted building practices and the age of the components.
GROUNDS & DRAINAGE Inspection of the exterior grounds and drainage is visual and intended to determine if the grading is properly carrying surface water away from the foundation.
MOLD TESTING Some mold problems are obvious — you can see it growing. If you can see mold, or if there is a musty odor in your home, I can perform a mold test.
BATHROOMS Bathroom inspections are visual and operational. Inspectors operate plumbing fixtures to determine the presence of leaks and look for water damage.
PLUMBING Plumbing inspections are visual and operational. Inspectors operate normal controls and put the system through a normal cycle.
ELECTRICAL Electrical inspections are visual and operational. Inspectors operate all normal switches, test a representative number of outlets and observe visible lines.
KITCHEN & LAUNDRY Kitchen and laundry inspections are visual and operational.
INTERIOR ROOMS Interior room inspections are conducted visually. Inspectors examine and base findings on homes of similar construction and age.
GARAGE & CARPORT Garages and carports are inspected based on accessibility and are reported as being attached or detached from the house structure.
FOUNDATION Foundation inspections are visual and limited to accessible components. Accessibility will vary due to type of foundation and other obstacles.
HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMS Heating and cooling inspections are visual. Weather permitting, I will operate both the heating and A/C units in their respective modes. I will use normal controls and evaluate how well the system is performing its intended function.